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Polaris 2021: A New Editorial Team | posted February 11, 2021

We are Kyle Dase and Tristan B. Taylor, the newest additions to the editorial team of JNR: Polaris. Both Kyle and Tristan are currently doctoral candidates in the Department of English at the University of Saskatchewan. Kyle’s research contextualizes John Donne’s verse epistles from the perspective of Renaissance sociability through the use of digital methodologies. Tristan’s research centres on Thomas Becket’s life in the South English Legendaries and the rhetorical effect of genre hybridization on manuscript production and reception in pre- and post-Reformation England.

Polaris is a forum for explorations and discussions of the Northern Renaissance that don’t fit comfortably within the restraints of the orthodox academic essay. As the new faces at the helm of this radical, open-source space, we are excited by the possibilities that Polaris affords. In addition to traditional short notes, we will be emphasising podcasts, conference reviews, research profiles, and more. Polaris is the space to explore all things concerning the Northern Renaissance, broadly defined. In 2021, we plan on providing reviews of popular and innovative conferences in Renaissance studies as an indicator of shifts in the field; profiles on interesting, international research projects and scholars; and interviews that offer unique perspectives from a range of subjects, from junior and senior researchers to journal editors and grant application board members, on a range of topics, from research methods to favourite libraries. This programme will start with a round table with senior editors from our very own editorial staff as part of a celebration of over ten years of JNR!

We publish conference, exhibition, TV and film reviews, speculative essays, and even host podcast episodes. We welcome submissions of around 750-3,000 words on all aspects of cultural practice in Northern Europe in the period 1430-1650. We are especially interested in pieces that explore shifting pedagogies and praxis. Initial proposals regarding submission are encouraged, and should be sent to polaris.jnr@gmail.com (or click here). Even if you only have an idea for a post, we’re happy to work with you to help you find the proper format for their ideas.

Kyle and Tristan