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Celebrate Open Access Week with the Journal of the Northern Renaissance | posted October 22, 2013

This week (21 to 27 October 2013) is the 6th International Open Access Week, which celebrates the possibilities of free access to original peer-reviewed research in academia today. The Journal of the Northern Renaissance is very proud of its Open Access policies, and we believe that even a relatively modest academic outlet such as ours can illustrate the potential of OA publication. We would like to think that JNR is a good example of how the traditional academic journal format can succeed without the need to charge weighty subscription fees. Not only is what we publish free to read, but we also do not charge author fees, and all the articles we publish are peer reviewed. This ensures that you are reading some of the most dynamic, careful and independent research undertaken in all areas of the Renaissance in Northern Europe, freely published for all.

You can read an excellent discussion of the benefits of Open Access in an article published in Britain’s Guardian newspaper this week, ‘Open access: six myths to put to rest‘, by Peter Suber, director of the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication.  We especially direct you to point five:

As early as 2004, Thomson Scientific found that in every field of the sciences “there was at least one open access title that ranked at or near the top of its field” in citation impact. Of course the number of high-quality and high-impact open access journals has only grown since then. It’s not surprising that open access journals can be first-rate: the quality of a scholarly journal is a function of its authors, editors, and referees, not its business model or access policy.

We could not agree more, so this is a very good time to thank our readers, authors, and, especially, our peer reviewers, who give so generously of their time and expertise and remain anonymous and unrenumerated. They all help us make JNR into a journal that we are proud to publish. Our next Issue 5 will be published in early November, bringing yet more excellent research to you.

More so, being online and unbound by the limits and expenses of paper publication, JNR is able to publish content at all points: see, for instance our rolling publication of book and exhibition reviews.  In the future, we plan on expanding the possibilities allowed by the internet (watch this space…), but at the moment do follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Why don’t you celebrate Open Access this week by rereading the content on the Journal, following our social media, and spreading the word about the great potential of this model of publication. If you wish to get in touch and discuss Open Access publishing, please write a comment below or email us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sebastiaan, Patrick, Elizabeth, Catriona and Alex.