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How to Save JNR Articles and Book Reviews as PDF

JNR distributes its content around the internet in a number of ways: firstly by means of this website, but also via RSS feeds, and (soon) also as PDFs via the databases of EBSCO, which deliver content directly to many university libraries. You may of course wish to download your own selections from JNR for printing and/or saving; or, when you are an author, to deposit your post-publication PDF into an institutional repository, or on your personal web page.

How to Print? This is very easy: simply hit the large print button  next to each article or book review, which will open your browser’s print dialogue screen, and give you a preview of our specially formatted page for printing.

How to Save as PDF? If you are on a Mac, in all major browsers you can easily save to PDF from the print dialogue screen. In Chrome, you can ‘Open PDF in Preview’; in Firefox and Safari, look for the ‘PDF’ button. If you are on Windows, not all browsers currently offer easy print-to-PDF features. We recommend you try Google’s Chrome browser, which offers good options for saving webpages as PDFs. This solution also gives you the opportunity to adjust the PDF’s page margins, which is valuable for annotations!

We are currently trialling this method of delivering content, and of downloading PDFs from our site (we also don’t really want to distract you with the technical reasons for this: suffice it to say that, to our understanding, it is still difficult to reliably create PDFs on the fly from HTML web pages). If you need any help at all (or if you are a wizard WordPress developer and would like to write us a tailored PDF conversion plug-in!) please email us.